Enamel Flowers – Fold formed torch fire enamel flowers with a 16g copper wire. Each one is unique. The vase is created using copper pipe and is available with a single pipe or three pipes soldered together. Vases come with a black or verdigris finish and sealed with lacquer.




Enamel Hangers
use these to hang your favorite necklace, scarves or just add a pop of color on your wall. They come with a wall anchor.







Ring Holders – made of hand-formed copper bowls finished with kiln fired vitreous enamel. Can be used as a ring holder on your counter while you’re creating something delicious or maybe a medication you need to remember to take. Either way, these are sweet little spots of colors in whatever room you decide. Available in two sizes.


Enamel Bowl
created using a 6” copper disc, I hand hammered into the form of a bowl. Then using vitreous enamel, I kiln fired multiple layers to achieve the final look.